Anan Abu Rmieleh
WHY IS DATA IMPORTANT? It is no longer the age of guerrilla marketing tactics, but well-planned and carefully-monitored communications that produce data. You should no longer be spending the big chunk…

How XL energy drink engage its consumers

Anan Abu Rmieleh
That is probably one of the biggest consumer engagement campaigns in 2015, where more than 80,000 codes were inserted for a chance to win a trip to Dubai. An online contest was developed to reward and…

Get yourself a smart selfie with out Selfie Box!

Anan Abu Rmieleh
You’ve probably heard of our Selfie Boxx, a photo/video booth equipped with DSLR cameras and advanced software that helps you print your photo on spot OR share it on a variety of social media outlets…

10 great events we’ve done in 2015!

Anan Abu Rmieleh
We simply like events! Sometimes, the whole team at the agency is fully involved in looking after your event. This ranges from coordinating with everybody else and printing some urgent items, to ordering…