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Multimedia and broadcast advertising

Print & Broadcast Media

We provide you with complete access to local and regional media including both audiovisual and print. Sky Advertising will help you reach your target audience at the best time and place by broadcasting a commercial, airing a jingle, publishing an advertisement, printing a leaflet or sending targeted SMS messages. A well-seasoned staff of media advertising professionals will design your media plan, buy your media space and monitor your media activity.

We enjoy robust relationships with dozens of media channels in Palestine and the region. Simply put, this provides us with wide economies of scale to lead the market and leave an impact.

We grow your outreach in cooperation with the following media channels:
Newspaper Newspapers
Magazines Magazines
Radio Channels Radio channels
TV Stations (Local and Satellite) TV stations (local and satellite)
Indoor Print Houses Indoor print houses
SMS providers SMS providers

Furthermore, audio and video production is managed by our media department. This is usually implemented in cooperation with the artwork team, the PR team and other producers in Palestine and the region. Production of multimedia material includes jingles, commercials, video interviews, animation, infographics and others.

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