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It is no longer the age of guerrilla marketing tactics, but well-planned and carefully-monitored communications that produce data. You should no longer be spending the big chunk of money on tools that get you ambiguous results. Nowadays, data is precious, and the more data you have about your target audience, the more you sell of your product, ideas, and thoughts.    

When it comes to modern media, you should be able to test your ads, measure their performance, target niche markets, initiate conversations rather than just spreading information, reach online communities, and create buzz.

Where do I extract data from?

Data is usually extracted from your website (number of visitors, their demographics, etc.), email software (number of sent emails, number of responders, etc.), display ads (number of clicks, number of impressions, etc.), search engines (trendy searches, target group behaviour and preferences, etc.), social media (community size, geo-location of customers, etc.), CRM (number of purchases, date of the purchase, etc.), and many others.


Types of Data


For What?!!!

That’s the big question many of you ask. If you collect enough data about your customers you will be able to do the following:

  1. Advertise the right content for the right type of customers at the right time and place.


  1. Create customized offers according to customers’ preferences.



  1. Convert data into useful insights and actionable recommendations.


  1. Plan and monitor better


  1. Create real-time marketing


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