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Events Management

Events Management

The Sky team provides exciting and innovative event management for clients seeking to promotie their unique brands, ideas or activities. We conduct all arrangements and logistics related to exhibitions, conferences, ceremonies, seminars, workshops, receptions, consumer engagement, and public awareness activities.

Our event management consultancy services cover concept creation, attendee management and registration, invitations, budgeting, badging, logistical arrangements, booth design and branding material. We enjoy a robust relationship with a great number of media and logistics suppliers operating in different cities, which enables us to provide you with the best quality at the lowest cost available.

We make sure your event stands out and is successful by providing you with:
Creative artwork Creative artwork
Logistical arrangements Logistical arrangements
Needed tools and installations Tools and installations
Multinational speakers Multinational speakers
Speeches and Talking Points Speeches and talking points
Commitment to deadlines Commitment to deadlines

Our ability to organize events successfully lies in our creativity, dedication, artwork and commitment to deadlines. Logistical arrangements are carefully managed by installing the required equipment and branding material, such as sound systems, lighting tools, catering, transportation, banners and rollups, interactive screens, giveaway items and more.

Sky Advertising also helps you find multinational speakers and trainers in all sectors, including and not limited to non-profit organizations, governmental organizations, corporations and startup companies. Our events management department works closely with the PR team to prepare talking points and speeches for special guests as needed.

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