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An out of the box journey

Simply, a cohesive team of marketing and PR experts who devote their time and expertise to fulfill your needs and support your values. For us, marketing communication has never been just a profession, but a lifestyle and fondness for creativity. Sky Advertising is your gateway to the Palestinian market and has the full capacity to manage your campaigns throughout Palestine and the region.

We promise a partnership in which each campaign is specifically adapted to your advertising and PR needs. Our clients enjoy one-on-one attention from an insight-driven team who possess the needed expertise, value innovation and pay acute attention to details. Our Advertising Company garners the necessary information to thoroughly understand both our clients and the target market. A research team, which advises on each client's account, is constantly aware of worldwide trends and knowledgeable of the best tools to comply with the Palestinian and Regional markets. Results-oriented departments at Sky Advertising unite to understand your objectives and provide you with a unique marketing piece that is strategically in line with your needs and market demands.

Sky Advertising is the key to giving your products a well-known identity, reviving your market and enabling you to reach your business goals. SKY employs a holistic team that is utterly dedicated and committed to your success from the time your product is a mere concept to the time your product is a common household name and beyond.

Established in 1996, Sky Advertising is proud to be one of the eight companies operating under the umbrella of the Arab Palestinian Investment Company (APIC). We are further glad to be an affiliated member and exclusive representative of Asda'a; one of the largest public relations companies in the region. Moreover, Sky advertising is a strategic partner of M&C Saatchi MENA and maintains long-term relationships with some other companies and service providers in the region.

A word from our team

From day one, Sky Advertising has been designed to provide consolidated public relations and advertising services to its clients. The goal has always been to create a complete-solution advertising company that would meet and even exceed the exponential marketing goals of your organizations. We are adept in not only understanding the client, but also understanding the market and accessing valuable information.

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