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Outdoor and Ambient Media

Outdoor & Ambient

That's exactly our team that you watch day and night installing billboards, muppies and signs. It is our Outdoor Team that you may find painting the streets, ornameting parks and prettifying public places to keep your brand eminent at all times. Our outdoor services range from billboard advertising and ambient media to mobile marketing. Moreover, the team works hand-in-hand with our Events Management Department to handle logistics and install branding material.

Our signs include digital LED screens, uni-poles, T-poles, trivision, muppies, wall units and indoor signs.

Outdoor printing is as well one of the department's main tasks, in which banners, rollups, trusses, signs, tents and many other items are produced. All Outdoor Printing items are handled and managed in cooperation with a huge number of suppliers that Sky Advertising has been working with since 1996.

Billboard locations - 10,944 squar meters
Billboard locations

In terms of consultancy, our team helps you create interesting ideas that go beyond installing Billboards and advertising on LED Screens. These ideas will be supported with interior design, illustrations, plans and market research. Outdoor media at Sky Advertising can always be extended to include public activities, parks branding, automobile branding, building branding and point-of-sale branding.

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