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An account executive supported by marketing and communications specialists will be assigned to conceptualize, execute and evaluate all your marketing and PR activities. The account executive will be thoroughly familiar with your profile and provide ad-hoc consultancy services. A team of experienced professionals in the client service department is responsible for conducting research, providing services and reporting all activities.

Sky Advertising is happy to serve you on two operational levels: consultancy and implementation. We believe in the power of combining both aspects to deliver targeted advertising, compelling content, outstanding events, branding services and artwork.

Sky advertising operational levels

Marketing and PR activities are handled from A to Z. Account executives conduct coordination activities and quality assurance, while marketing and communication specialists set strategies and build concepts. When walking through our doors, all you need is to trust us to develop your idea, grow your business, formulate your identity, refine your image, widen your outreach and boost your revenue. In exchange for your trust, we offer you passion, creativity, sincerity and global thinking.

Consultancy and implementation will provide you with an outright do-able solution. We do not merely design your strategy, we also guide you through the journey and lead you to success by targeting the right audience in the right place at the right time.

At Sky Advertising, we provide four universal services:

These services are implemented by each of our specialized departments. Check our full services

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