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Social media and digital marketing

Digital & Social Media

Sky Advertising offers a wide range of social media and inbound marketing services according to clients' needs and market assessment. These services are adeptly focused on the advertising and PR aspects of social media, website content, search engines, video sharing sites, wikis, micro blogs and blogs. We believe in the power of research and social media listening in designing the most customized social media campaigns. When it comes to building an E-Marketing and Social Media Strategy, the first step is always planning, and which aims to maintain the consistency between business objectives and communication objectives.

The essence of our social media expertise lies in our passion to engage and network with the online community, where no traditional messages shall be pushed. The inbound marketing team at Sky Advertising is adept, social, fun, detail-oriented and creative. Moreover, it is comprised of professionals with different backgrounds, experiences and skills in marketing and PR.

Digital Marketing and advertising
The below list of services is by no means final, however, it includes the most important and trendiest inbound marketing tactics we provide:
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