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Public relations

Public Relations

A keen and prolific team of content writers who help you establish and promote a positive image of your business/organization. At this department, content is collated, drafted, audited, published and monitored to create your image, enhance your reputation and change perceptions. Indeed, we are experienced in content writing, copywriting, photography, video interviews and script and storyboard development.

Our Public Relations team works in harmony with other departments to maintain consistency between advertising and PR efforts. At this department, we spend our time researching, writing, editing, networking and evaluating. It all starts by carrying out several sessions with you to understand your target audience and determine your PR and business objectives. This eventually helps us build your key messages and find the best PR tools for your organization or campaign. The next step would always be researching, analyzing reports and adapting your objectives to market demands.

Furthermore, we offer you a wide range of consultancy services in Public Relations and Corporate Communications, which include the following:
Public relations consultancy and services

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